The elevation relative to sea level in the United States ranges from −282 feet in Death Valley, California to 20,320 feet on Mount McKinley, Alaska. Write the range of elevations in interval notation and in set-builder notation.


  1. The intervals are given as follows:
    • In range notation: [-282, 20,320].
    • In set-builder notation: {x|x ∈ ℝ, -282 <= x <= 20,320}

    What is the range of elements notation for interval?

    The range of elements notation for interval is given by:
    In which:
    • a is the smallest value.
    • b is the greatest value.
    In this problem these values are given by:
    a = -282, b = 20,320.
    Hence the interval in range notation is given by:
    [-282, 20,320].

    How to write the interval in set-builder notation?

    The same interval can be written as follows, using set-builder notation?
    {x|x ∈ ℝ, a <= x <= b}
    Hence, for the situation described in this problem, the set-builder notation for the values is:
    {x|x ∈ ℝ, -282 <= x <= 20,320}
    More can be learned about notation of intervals at


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