Question 6 Next, you select the basic statistics that can help your team better understand the ratings system in your data. Assume the first part of your code is: trimmed_flavors_df %>% You want to use the summarize() and mean() functions to find the mean rating for your data. Add the code chunk that lets you find the mean value for the variable Rating.


  1. Based on the ratings system and the summarize() and mean() functions, the code chunk to add is summarize(mean(Rating)) and the mean rating is 3.185933.

    How do you find the mean rating?

    To find the mean rating, the complete code should be trimmed_flavors_df %>% summarize(mean(Rating)).
    This code would allow you to see the mean rating of your data by combining the summarize() and mean() functions such that you can display summary statistics.
    Because of the “mean()” function, the statistic that will be displayed is the mean rating which in this case would be 3.185933.
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