Question 19 (3 points)

If the density of the earth was 11.0 g/mL instead of its measured value of 5.51 g/mL, the force of gravity would

be twice what it is at sea level. If the earth’s density was twice than its actual density, then in pounds per

square inch at sea level the earth’s atmosphere in British units would be equal to:

a) 7.35 psi b) 14.7 psi c ) 29.4 psi d) 44.1 psl e) 98.8 psi


  1. Answer:

    c ) 29.4 psi


    If the density of earth was twice than its actual density which is 5.51 g/mL, then at sea level the atmospheric pressure of earth in British units would be equal to 29.4 psi because increase of gravity, increase occurs in the atmospheric pressure.  If we double the gravity of earth by double of the earth density, so the weight of that same mass of air will be double which leads to the doubling of the atmospheric pressure at the sea level.

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