Predict the cost of a meal for a family of four between $50 and $100. Be sure to include dollars and cents.

Part A: If the family has a 20% off coupon, calculate the new price of the meal. Show all work or explain your steps. (6 points)

Part B: Calculate a 20% tip using the new price. What is the final cost of the meal? Show all work or explain your steps. (6 points)


  1. Considering a meal cost of $75, we have that:
    a) The price of the meal with the coupon is of: $60.
    b) The final price, considering the tip, is of: $72.

    How to obtain the prices?

    The prices in this problem are found applying the proportions, multiplying the values by the decimal equivalent of the percentages.
    The attributed cost is given as follows:
    The family has a 20% off coupon, hence the price paid is 80% of the total price, which is obtained as follows:
    Final price = 0.8 x 75 = $60.
    The tip will be 20% of the price, hence it is calculated as follows:
    Tip = 0.2 x 60 = $12.
    Then the final price is obtained as the sum of the cost of the meal and the cost of the tip, as follows:
    Final price = $60 + $12 = $72.
    More can be learned about proportions at

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