(05.02)Mr. Morris is going to save money and replace his sailboat’s mainsail himself. He must determine the area of the mainsail in order to buy the correct amount of material. Calculate the area of the parallelogram to determine how much material should be purchased. Be sure to explain how to decompose this shape into rectangles and triangles. Describe their dimensions and show your work. Parallelogram with base of 15 feet, height of 10 feet, and triangular base of 2 feet.


  1. the answer is 150^2 because the formula is A=bh which stands for Area=base X height and since the base is 15 and height is 10, you would do 15×10 which equals 150^2

  2. Answer:
    Step-by-step explanation:
    The area of a parallelogram is A=BH where B is base length and H is height. I’m not sure why there is information about a triangular base, maybe an illustration would help. But with the information provided, the base times  height is equal to 150 Ft^2. Check out the Kahn Academy video for a better explanation  


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