Please use the y = mx + b form, i have y = 3/2x but i don’t know the y intercept.
through: (4, 3), SLOPE = 3/2
please provide an explanation i am really struggling.


  1. okay so the y intercept would be “b” in the y=mx + b formula and since u have slope already we know our “m” is 3/2
    and luckily we have 2 points to help us find the y intercept first thing we’d do is plug these numbers into our formula and since we know we already have 2 points we can use “4” for our x and “3” for our y

    so y=4 m=3/2 x=4 and b is our unknown

    we have to solve 3=3/2(4)+b for b now

    and we get b=-3 we can check this as well by plugging in -3 and seeing if we get the same awser which is “3”

  2. So you have the begining of the equation:
        y = 3/2 x + b
    To find the b, you substitute in x=4 and y=3 (from 4,3):
       3 = 3/2 · 4 + b
    Solving that…
        3 = 6 + b
       -3 = b
    So your line is:  y = 3/2 x – 3.
    It’s also a good idea to double check, but substituting in just the x-value and seeing if it gives you the correct y-value:
       y = 3/2 · 4 – 3
       y = 6 – 3
       y = 3
    Yup, that checked.


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