PLEASE HELPPPP!!! Two mechanics worked on a car. The first mechanic worked for 20 hours, and the second mechanic worked for 15 hours. Together they charged a total of $2450. What was the rate charged per hour by each mechanic if the sum of the two rates was $145 per hour?


  1. Answer:
    first mechanic 1400 dollars second mechanic 1050 dollars
    Step-by-step explanation:
    2450 divided by 35 gets 70 then times 20 and 70 equals 1400 and 15 times 70 equals 1050

  2. Answer: the mechanics charge $72.50 each.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    You add how much time the mechanics worked.
    You then divide how much the amount charged was
    You’ll come up with $70, however the second part of the question states that it wants you to find how much the rate was if both mechanics together charged $145 per hour
    Well, 70×2 is 140. So to make it even you divide 5 in half.
    5/2 is 2.5
    You then turn that into money amount.
    Therefore the answer is $72.50


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