PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!! a simulation by tossing a coin to model whether these puppies will be male or female. • Let heads (H) = female puppy • Let tails (T) = male puppy The results of the simulation are: 1. TTTT 6. HHHH 2. TTTT 7.HTHT 3. THTH 8. HHHH 4. HTTT 9. THTH 5. TTTT 10. HHHH What is the estimated probability that at least two of the puppies will be male?


  1. Answer:
    7/10 or 70%
    Step-by-step explanation:
    There has to be at least two T in each result of the simulation. This means you can also have 3 T’s and 4 T’s in the result.
    These are the results that qualify as having at least two T’s.
    1. TTTT, 2. TTTT, 3. THTH, 4. HTTT, 5. TTTT, 7. HTHT, 9. THTH
    That is 7 out of the 10 results which is 7/10 or 70%


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