Read the excerpt from White Fang.

The four Indians laughed more loudly, while even the man who had been bitten began to laugh. They surrounded [White Fang] and laughed at him, while he wailed out his terror and his hurt. In the midst of it, he heard something. The Indians heard it, too. But the cub knew what it was, and with a last, long wail that had in it more of triumph than grief, he ceased his noise and waited for the coming of his mother, of his ferocious and indomitable mother who fought and killed all things and was never afraid. She was snarling as she ran. She had heard the cry of her cub and was dashing to save him.

Which best states how the narrator’s point of view helps the reader understand the excerpt?

A) The narrator’s point of view allows the reader to develop a better understanding of the author’s opinion.

B)The narrator’s point of view allows the reader to understand the perspectives of all of the characters.

C)The narrator’s point of view gives the reader a view of the characters through only White Fang’s eyes.

D)The narrator’s point of view allows the reader to focus on only the thoughts and feelings of White Fang’s mother.


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