Please answer need the extra credit
*count a pair of shoes as a singular unit *

Mary oversees shoe suppliers from 3 places. she is trying to supply for
retail stores.

supplier A has 4 crates of shoes plus six loose pairs
supplier B has 6 crates of shoes, but one pair is missing
supplier C has 10 crates plus five loose pairs

assume each crate contains an equal number of shoes, write an expression describing the total number of shoes available.

write another expression describing the number of shoes available for each retail store if the shoes are divided equally among stores.


  1. I got the answer 20c+10

    4c+6 for supplier A
    6c-1 for supplier B
    10c+5 for supplier C

    Combining the like terms of C you would get 20c
    Then combining the other number (-1,6,5) you get 10

  2. Answer: 20c + 10.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    (c represents crates)
    I wrote each equation separately first.
    Supplier A: 4c + 6
    Supplier B: 6c – 1
    Supplier C: 10c + 5
    We can add all the cs from each supplier giving us 4c + 6c + 10c which equals 20c. Now we can add the extra shoes as, 6 + (-1) + 5 equaling 10. I wrote -1 because we are missing that shoe, but you can write it as 6 – 1 + 5 instead. Together the two numbers make the equation 20c + 10. Hope that helps : )


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