Paul teaches math to five classes in sixth grade. he wants to measure the variation in the performances of students of each class. which measures will help him?


  1. The measures of variation that can be used by Paul are interquartile range and mean absolute deviation.

    What are the measures of variation?

    The interquartile range is the difference between the third quartile and the first quartile.
    Third quartile = 3/4(n + 1)
    First quartile = 1/4 x (n + 1)
    The mean absolute deviation is the average of the distance of a data set from its mean.
    Mean absolute deviation =  ∑ l x – m(x) l
    Mean, median and mode are measures of tendency. They are used to measure the number at the center of a dataset.
    Here are the options:
    Mean absolute deviation
    interquartile range
    To learn more about interquartile range, please check:


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