Part 2

Directions: Use the information in the charts to answer the questions.

Type of Fruit/Cost
apple $1.75/pound
orange $2.35/pound
banana $1.50/pound

Annie bought 5 pounds of apples, 4 pounds of oranges, and three pounds of
a. Round each price to the nearest whole dollar. Then estimate how much
money she spent on each type of fruit. Fill in the blank.
Type of Fruit Cost Rounded Cost per pound Estimated Total
apple $1.75/pound
orange $2.35/pound
banana $1.50/pound

b. About how much money did Annie spend in all?

c. How much money did Annie actually spend? Complete the equation to
show the amount of money that Annie spent. Was your estimation
more or less than the actual amount? Why do you think that might be? Fill in the blank.
(_*_) + (_*_) + (_*_) = _


  1. A.
    Apples- About $10/pound
    Oranges- About $8/pound
    Bananas- About $6/pound
    Annie spent about $24 in total.
    (1.75 X 5) + (2.35 X 4) + (1.50 X 3) = 22.65 (dollars)
    My estimation was more than the actual amount. I think that the estimation was more because most of the unit prices had to be rounded up, not down.


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