Or the town council reported on how many stop signs there are on each street. stop signs street number of stop signs spring street 4 smith street 3 jackson street 1 irving street 2 walker street 1 watson street 6 mason street 3 peabody street 4 what is the range of the numbers?


  1. Range is [1,6]
    Given: The street name and number of stop signs placed in the particular street respectively.
    Let’s make the following table:
    Street Name                  Number of stop signs
    Spring street                                    4
    Smith street                                      3
    Jackson street                                  1
    Irving street                                      2
    Walker street                                    1
    Watson street                                   6
    Mason street                                    3
    Peabody street                                 4
    We have to find the range of numbers.
    From the table we can see that the number starts with the minimum 1 and ends with the maximum 6 in the “Number of stop signs” column. So the range of number of stop signs is [1,6].
    Know more about “range” here:


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