On a team 3 girls and 2 boys scored a total of 29 points. The difference between the number of points scored by the 3 girls and the number of points scored by the 2 boys is 13. Each girl scored the same number of points and each boy scored the same number of points. Find the number of points scored by each girl and each boy



  1. Answer: 4 points per boy and 7 points per girl
    Step-by-step explanation: first we have to find out how many points total the girls scored and how many the boys scored. Since the girls scored 13 more points, we can do 29-13=16. then divide that by two because there are the girls and the boys. 16/2=8. the boys scored 8 points total. but we have to add the 13 and 8 for the girls. 13+8=21 then divide each by the number of girls and boys. so, the boys it would be 8 total points the boys scored/2 boys who scored=4. each boy scored 4 points. now the girls. 21 points scored by the girls/the 3 girls who scored=7 points per girl. so, each boy scored 4 points and each girl scored 7 points.

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