On a piece of paper, use a protractor to construct a triangle with angle measures of 50° and 40°.

Which statements about this triangle are true?

Select all correct answers.

The third angle measures 110°.

The third angle measures 50°.

Two sides have the same length.

The third angle measures 90°.

All sides have different lengths.


  1. Answer:
    the sentences that are true are..:
    Two sides have the same length
    The third angle measures 70°
    It is an acute triangle.
    i know that because eat triangle is 180°, so if we subtract 40° and 70° from 180°, we get 70°, meaning the three angles in the triangle are 40°, 70°, and 70°. Because all of the angles are under 90°, we know that it is an acute triangle.


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