On a number line suppose point E has a coordinate of 5, and EG=7. What are the possible coordinates of point G?


  1. G can have two co-ordinates -7 and 12.

    What is a number line ?

    A number line is a 1D figure in which we represent or locate numbers the origin of a number line we represent with zero and has equidistant points on both sides of the origin. Moving towards left we subtract and moving towards right we add.
    According to the given data
    E has a co-ordinate of 5
    and EG = 7
    Here EG represents the distance between two points E and G.
    |EG| = 7
    So, G can have co ordinates 7 units to the right side of point E or 7 units to left hand side of E in the number line.
    ∴ 5 + 7 = 12 OR 5 – 7 = -2
    So, G can have two co-ordinates -7 and 12.
    learn more about number line here :


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