ok so yesteraday i Woke up at 10:34 and i went into the kitchen to get some water, And even though i was supposed ot be sleep, i couldnt really go to sleep, so i walked in the kitchen and was going to get some water, i was about to grab a cup and my parents came out, and I got Grounded because i was trying to get some water. so my questions is

Should i be Grounded even though i was supposed to be sleep but should i be grounded for getting WATER.

i mean wtaer is what i need to survive so if i cant get water or if i get grounded that techincally means that im not supposed to get water, do you guys get waht im saying and i got grounded yesteraday night, and my mom says its disrespecting her because yeah i get it that i was supposd to be sleep but ITS WATER

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