Ok so, A mother has 5 children, the first child is 27 (late twenties), the Second is 22 (early twenties), the middle child is 21 years old, the fourth is 12, and the youngest is 11. The first has a child that is 1 year younger then the youngest child. How is that possible? Explain how you got your answer. (Not really a question from school, so answer whenever you want, I’ll give the brainiest to who can also guess the years they were born in and what age the first child was at the moment she had the child ig)


  1. Answer:
    The first child has a child who is 10 years old. Since the first child is is 27, that means she gave birth when she about 17 years old, depending on when their birthday’s are.  
    Step-by-step explanation:
    This doesn’t seem impossible, so I’m wondering if I’m missing something? You also didn’t mention if they were male or female, but again, it’s not impossible to give birth or father a child at age 17.  


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