Ode to enchanted light Guiding Questions

Under the trees light
has dropped from the top of the sky,
like a green
latticework of branches,
on every leaf,
drifting down like clean
white sand.
A cicada sends
its sawing song
high into the empty air.
The world is
a glass overflowing
with water.

Lines 3–5: What example of figurative language is in these lines? What clue helps you identify this example? What is being compared? How does this choice of words affect the meaning of the poem?


  1. In lines 3 through five of the poem the light from the top of the sky is being compared to a green lattice work of branches… I am not sure what type of figurative language this is I’m pretty sure it would be considered a hyperbole… The figurative language the author uses adds feelings to the poem…!


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