”Now it is your turn to develop your own puzzle and solve it! Write your own logic puzzle that can be solved using a table or diagram. You can use the logic puzzles in this project as a model, but try to come up with a different situation. Make sure to include the solution to your logic puzzle.”

can someone make a ‘logic puzzle’ for me thank you


  1. Answer:
    As we can see, they sell 2/5 as many white milks and chocolate milks. We can write this as the ratio 2:5. As you can see, we are given the total, which is 35. The total of the ratio in simplest form is 7 (2+5). As you can see, we have to multiply by 5 to get that 7 to 35. Therefore we multiply each part of the ratio by 5 to get our final answer. We can have w represent the white milks while c represents the chocolate milks.
    w/c = 2/5*5/5=10/25
    Step-by-step explanation:


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