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Mrs. Walters drove 360 miles on 25 gallons of gas. Mr. Walters drove 480 miles on 32 gallons of gas

a. Find the mileage per gallon for Mrs. Walters’s car.
b. Find the mileage per gallon for Mr. Walters’s car.
c. Which car is getting the better mileage per gallon?


  1. Answer:
    a:  14.4 miles per gallon
    b: 15 miles per gallon
    c: Mr walters car
    Step-by-step explanation:
    for ms. walters car, we do 360 / 25 and get 14.4
    for mr walters car we do 480 / 32 and get 15
    since mr walters car gets more miles per gallon, he has the better one


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