1. The correct option is d. 0.9%.
    Normal Saline is 0.9% percentage NaCl.

    What is NaCl/Sodium chloride?

    Sodium chloride is a vital vitamin that is utilized in healthcare to keep patients hydrated. It is utilized as a preservative as well as a flavor enhancer.
    Some key features regarding the NaCl are-
    • Sodium chloride is however utilized in the production of polymers and other items.
    • It is also employed in the de-icing of roadways and walkways.
    • To treat dehydration, hospitals utilize the intravenous sodium chloride solution that deliver water and salt to patients.
    • Sodium chloride is required to keep the fluids and electrolytes of fluids in the body.
    • According to the US National Library of Medicine, if electrolyte levels go too low or high, a person might become dehydrated or excessively hydrated.
    To know more about NaCl/Sodium chloride, here
    The complete question is-
    Normal Saline is what percentage NaCl?
    Select one:
    a. 0.225%
    b. 0.45%
    c. None of the Answers are Correct
    d. 0.9%


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