Nine-year-old Dakoda realizes that the quantity of water in a glass remains the same, even when the water is poured into a different shaped glass and appears to look like more or less. In Piaget’s terms, Dakoda has developed​a) Conservationb) Assimilationc) Accomodationd) Object Permanencee) Centration


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    She has observation conservation because If the temperature of the liquids stays constant and the container is insulated and not heat or cool the liquid much would not change the density of the liquid very much so that it’s original volume could remain constant.

    The interesting thing is not that the child assumes the taller glass holds more liquid but that they fail to understand conservation: the fact that the water from one glass is going to be the same amount after being poured into any other container. It’s as if they did not realize the water came from the same glass.


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