next week your math teacher is giving a chapter test. the test will consist of 35 questions. some problems are worth 2 points and some problems are worth 4 points. there are 20 questions worth 2 points. how many problems of 4 points are on the test? answers


  1. The chapter test from maths teacher will contain 15 questions of worth 4 points.
    Let the number of questions having weightage of 4 marks be x. Now, we know that problems will only be worth 2 and 4 points. Also we know that some of these problems will be 35. Thus, let us form the equation.
    20 + x = 35
    Rewriting the equation according to x
    x = 35 – 20
    Performing subtraction on Right Hand Side of the equation
    x = 15
    Thus, there will be 15 questions of 4 points.of the maths test to be conducted next week.
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