Neal has a $15 gift card for music downloads. Each song costs $1 to download. The amount of money left on the card, in dollars, can be represented by the function f(x)=15−x, where x is the number of downloaded songs. Which of the following statements are true for the given function? (Choose all that apply).

a. f(1) = 14 means Neal downloaded 1 song and has $14 left on his gift card.

b. f(2) = 15 means Neal downloaded 2 songs and has $15 left on his gift card.

c. You could represent Neal downloaded 12 songs and has $3 left on his gift card with f(12)=3.

d. f(15)=0 represents that Neal has $15 on his gift card before he downloads any songs.

Y’all i’m really struggling with this, and it’s due tonight


  1. Answer: a. b. and c.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    a.- (f)1=14 is correct in this explanation because 15-
    b.- f(2)=15 is incorrect. 15-2 does not equal 15. It would be 13.
    c.- f(12)=3 is correct because 15-12=3
    d.- f(15)=0 is correct because 15-5=


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