Nathan practices the piano 1260 minutes in 3 weeks. At what rate did she practice, in minutes per day?


  1. Nathan practiced the piano for 420 minutes each day

    What is a unitary method?

    A unitary method is a mathematical way of obtaining the value of a single unit and then deriving any no. of given units by multiplying it with the single unit.
    Given, Nathan practices the piano for 1260 minutes in 3 weeks.
    ∴ No. of minutes he practiced the piano each day is the total minutes divided by the total no. of days which is,
    = (1260/3) minutes.
    = 420 minutes.
    learn more about the unitary method here :

  2. Answer:
    60 minutes per day.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    There are  21 days in 3 weeks.
    So the required rate = 1260/21
    = 60 minutes per day.


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