Name the Scientist
(a) Who discovered nucleus?
(b) Who stated about stationary orbits?
(c) Who discovered canal rays?
(d) Who discovered neutron?
(e) Who said that atoms are indivisible?
(a) What are isobars? Give one example.
(b)Write two differences between isobars and isotopes.
(c) Write any two uses of isotopes.


  1. Answer:

    A. Ernest Rutherford


    C. Eugen Goldstein

    D.. Santiago Ramon y cajal

    E.john Dalton

    F.isobars – a line drawn on a weather map connecting points of equal pressure is called isobars.

    example.. argon 40

    potassium 40

    .two differences between isobars and isotopes.

    isobars are those elements which have different atomic number but the same mass number. while isotopes are those elements having the same atomic number and different mass number..

    two uses of isotopes.

    uranium 235 – for nuclear fission and as fuel in unclear reactors.

    # an isotope cobalt – used In the treatment for cancer

    # an isotope iodine – used in treatment of goiter.

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