N'(-10,-15) is the image of N after a dilation with a scale factor of 5/4, centered at the origin. What are the coordinates of N?


  1. When the point N is dilated, the coordinate of N changes to N’
    The coordinate of point N is (8,12)

    How to determine the coordinate of N

    The given parameters are:
    N’ = (10,15)
    k = 5/4
    To calculate the coordinate of N, we make use of:
    N * k = N’
    So, we have:
    N * 5/4 = (10,15)
    Multiply both sides by 4
    N * 5 = (40,60)
    Divide both sides by 5
    N = (8,12)
    Hence, the coordinate of point N is (8,12)
    Read more about dilation at:


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