My three-digit code is $023$. Reckha can’t choose a code that is the same as mine in two or more of the three digit-positions, nor that is the same as mine except for switching the positions of two digits (so $320$ and $203$, for example, are forbidden, but $302$ is fine). Reckha can otherwise choose any three-digit code where each digit is in the set $\{0, 1, 2, \dots, 9\}$. How many codes are available for Reckha


  1. The answer is 966 codes.
    It would probably be simplest to simply state the prohibited codes.
    023 – narrators code
    Here x is a number between 0 and 9, there are 10 of each, making a total of 30.
    Consequently, there are 34 banned codes in all.
    There are 103 = 1000 codes in all.
    1000 – 34 = 966 codes are available.
    What is narrators code?
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