Mr. Perry took his family out to
dinner last night and their subtotal
was $88.24. The sales tax was 5%
and he left a 20% tip. If Mr. Perry
put $120 on the table, how much
change did he receive?

[Show Work Please]


  1. Answer: $8.83
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Total before extra fees: $88.24
    Sales tax: 5%
    plus a 20% tip afterwards.
    Gave $120
    Change= ?
    Step 1: Add the sales tax
    The first thing to do is find 5% of 88.24, since the sales tax was 5% of the cost of their dinner.
    5% of 88.24= 4.41200—> $4.40
    Now we add it to the subtotal.
    4.40+ 88.24= $92.64
    Step 2: Add the 20% tip.
    Since the question puts the “20% tip” statement  after the 5% tax, I’m going to assume that the 20% tip is 20% of the dinner cost after the tax was added.
    So the new cost is 92.64. All you need to do is find 20% of 92.64, and then add the result to 92.64. Look:
    20% of 92.64= 18.528–> $18.53
    18.53+92.64= $111.17
    Now, there we have the total cost of dinner.
    Step 3: Find how much change he got.
    So now we know the total cost is $111.17, and that he paid with $120. He obviously  paid more than the total cost, so to find the amount of change, simply subtract the 111.17 from 120:
    120-111.17= $8.83
    He recieved $8.83 in change because he paid $8.83 more than the expected balance (actual total cost).
    Hope this helps :)) Also brainliest would be appreciated, i worked pretty hard on this 🙂

  2. Answer:$8.82 Change
    Step-by-step explanation:
    88.24*1.20=105.89. 105.89*1.05=111.18
    $120-$111.18=$8.82 change.
    (Whew! That took a while!)


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