Mr. patterson takes his students in a fun train ride and plans to walk back and enjoy the beautiful countryside scenes. so, if the train goes 9 miles per hour and they can walk back 3 miles per hour the same way, how far could they ride if they need to be back in 4 hours?


  1. The total distance students ride from train is 9 miles.

    What is speed?

    Speed is the pace that an object moves along a path in time, whereas velocity would be the rate & direction of movement. In other words, velocity is a vector, whereas speed is indeed a scalar value.
    Te formula for speed is;
    speed = distance/time
    Now, according to the question
    The total distance covered by train and by walk is same.
    Let ‘d’ be the total distance covered.
    The train goes 9 miles per hour;
    Let ‘s1’ be the speed for the train.
    And ‘t1’ be the time taken by the train to cover same distance ‘d’.
    Thus, s1 = d/t1
    9 = d/t1
    or, d= 9t1
    Now, speed of the students by walk is ‘s2’ = 3 miles per hour.
    let ‘t2’ be the time taken by the students to cover the distance ‘d’.
    s2  = d/t2
    3 = d/t2
    d = 3t2
    Equate both distances;
    9t1 = 3t2
    3t1  = t2    (equation1)
    The total time is 4 hours.
    Thus, t1 + t2 = 4
    t2  = 4 – t1
    Substitute the value in equation 1.
    3t1  = 4 – t1
    4t1  = 4
    t1 = 1 mile
    Therefore, the total distance covered by the train is found to be 1 mile.
    To know more about the speed, here


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