Miyo works for an ice cream cart vendor. She receives $25 for taking the cart out for a shift plus a commission of $0.10 for each item she sells. Miyo worked a shift Saturday and earned $52.90. Which equation can be used to solve for x, the number of items Miyo sold? A 52.90 = 0.10 + x + 25 B 52.90x = 0.10x + 25 C 52.90 = 25x + 0.10 D 52.90 = 0.10x + 25


  1. B and D are the same one but it is one of those because Miyo makes 25 original and 0.10 for each sale making it 0.10x because X is how many stuff she sells making the answer 52.90=25+10x

  2. Explanation

    We know that she earns $52.90 on Sunday, so that will be at the start of the equation. (52.90=_____) Since she got $25 for taking out the cart, we will add it to the equation after th equal sign. (52.90=25) We know that for every item she sells she gets $0.10, but we dont how many items she sells so we will represent how many items she sells as x. (52.90=25+0.10x)
    The answer is D.


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