Miss Riley’s class has 24 students. She has the students in groups. Each group can have no more than 5 students. if every student has to be in groups how many does she have left?


  1. Answer:
    if there can be no more than 5 students, then anything less than 5 students will suffice. However we don’t want any left over ones cause we don’t want that one kid sitting alone during lunch so we can simply put 4 into each group.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Hope this helped :DDD

  2. Answer:
    6 groups, 4 students in each one
    Step-by-step explanation:
    The factors of 24 include 6 and 4
    That means that you can break 24 into those numbers
    You are able to put the students up into groups of 6, with 4 students in each
    However, you cannot place the students into groups of 4 (with 6 students in each) because no more than 5 students are allowed in each group


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