Mike -(a boy) -and Kate -(a girl) -are -siblings. Mike- has -as -many -brothers -as -sisters. Kate -has -twice -as -many -brothers -as -sisters. How- many -girls,- counting- the- children- only -are -in -the -family? – Please answer!!
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  1. So mike has one more sister and one less brother than Kate (he is Kate’s brother)’ thank Kate (Kate is his sister) and Kate has one less sister than mike
    So Kate has to have at least three brothers because mike has the same amount of sisters as brothers and Kate is an extra sister,
    So mike has three sisters and Kate has two sisters because she is a sister and two times two is four, so mike has three brothers, but there fr four boys in total
    So Kate has two sisters and four brothers (mikes brothers+1)
    Mike has three brothers and three sisters (Kate’s sisters plus one)
    FINAL ANSWER: 4 brothers and 3 sisters


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