Maria has already written Two-fifths of her 1,000-word essay. If she continues writing at the same pace of 6 1/2 words per minute, which expression shows the amount of time it will take her to write the rest of the essay?

1000 times two-fifths times 13/2
1000 times two-fifths divided by 13/2
1000 times three-fifths times 13/2
1000 times three-fifths divided by 13/2


  1. Answer:
    I think it’s C
    Step-by-step explanation:
    if you multiply 1000 by 2/5 you would get 400 and if you divide 400 by 13/2 which is also equivalent to 6 and 1/2 you would get 15.38 which i assume is the time itll take her to finish her essay…. plus if u multiply 400 by 13/2 u get 2600 which i doubt it takes her like 43 hours to finish an essay of 1000 words


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