Manicurist #1 is filing nails at the rate of 1
every 20 seconds. Manicurist #2, on the other
hand (no pun intended), is only filing nails at the
rate of 1 every 30 seconds. If they work
together, how many seconds will it take them to
file 40 nails?


  1. Answer:
    480 Seconds
    Step-by-step explanation:
    To find how long it would take, with them filing at the same time we just have to combine their speed into one equation. Here is how I looked at it.
    Let’s try to make this into an algebraic equation, 1 nail every 20 seconds can be represented as 1/20x, or 0.05x
    1 nail every 30 seconds would be 1/30x, or 0.03333x
    We combine these and we get 1/12x or 0.08333x
    Now, we just set up the equation. x(1/12) = 40
    x/12 = 40
    x*12 = 40*12
    x = 480


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