Malik jogs twice every day in a 7-day week with his friend. In the afternoon, they jog 3/5 as far as they do in the morning. At the end of one week they have jogged a total of 20 4/25 miles. How far do Malik and his friend jog in the afternoon?


  1. Answer:
    1.08 miles
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Given: They jog a total of 20 4/25 miles in a week.
    Therefore they jog (20 4/25)/7 = 2.88 miles a day.
    If x is how many miles they jog in the morning, they jog 3/5x miles in the afternoon. So 1.6x = 2.88. Divide 1.6 on both sides to get x = 1.8.
    1.8 * 3/5 = 1.08 miles


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