Mali bought a new car. She drove 6^3 miles the first month and 6^4 miles the second month. How much further did she drive the second month? Explain each step.


  1. Answer:
    1080 miles
    Step-by-step explanation:
    The first month:
    6^{3} =216
    The second Month
    6^{4} =1296
    The difference:
    1296 – 216 = 1080 miles
    Hope this helps

  2. Answer:
    for 13 the answer is 1
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Explanation for 13: we know she drove 63 miles the first month, and 64 the second month. And it’s obvious that 63 is one more than 64, so there’s your answer. If you’re still anxious, 64-63 is one
    14) In the first 10 years of _’s job, she earned (how many) dollars. After she got a promotion on her 6th year, she earned (how many). How much more did she earn the 6th year than the first 5?


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