M is the midpoint of each line segment. Solve for x and then find the length of LN.
Write your answers as numbers only.


  1. Using the midpoint concept, it is found that:
    • The value of x is of 3.
    • The length of LN is of 24.

    What is the midpoint concept?

    The mid-point of a segment is the halfway point between the endpoints, dividing the segment into two segments of equal length.
    In this problem, the segments are x + 9 and 4x, hence the value of x is found as follows:
    4x = x + 9
    x = 3.
    The length of LN is the length of the entire segment, hence:
    LN = x + 9 + 4x = 5x + 9 = 5(3) + 9 = 24 units.
    More can be learned about the midpoint concept at


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