Lorenzo is making a prediction. “i learned that nonmetals increase in reactivity when moving from left to right. So i predict that xenon will be more reactive than iodine.” is lorenzo correct? If so, why do you thinks so?


  1. Answer:

    Nonmetals on the right need to gain fewer electrons to form an ion, so they are more reactive.

    The noble gases already have a full outer shell.

    The noble gases break the trend by being less reactive than the elements to their left.


  2. Answer:

    Lorenzo is not correct


    Eventhough Xenon is to the right of Iodine in the periodic table, Lorenzo isn’t correct.

    Xenon is a noble gas.

    They aren’t reactive.

    Xenon falls in the “group” of noble gases in the periodic table.

    Elements withim different groups in the periodic table have different physical and chemical properties.

    So, Lorenzo’s prediction is wrong.

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