Lonna made a quilt for her cousin’s doll. The quilt had a 6 × 6 array of different color square patches. If each patch is 2 1/4 in long, what is the area of the whole quilt?


  1. Answer: 182.25 in.
    We know there are 36 patches, and each square patch has a width and length of 2 1/4 in. since it’s a square. 2 1/4 in. is the same as 2.25 in., we find the area of 1 patch first by doing 2.25 x 2.25 which is 5.0625.
    To find the area of the whole quilt we multiply 5.0625 by the total number of square patches which is 36
    5.0625 x 36 = 182.25
    So the area of the whole quilt is 182.25 in.


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