Lauren describes a parabola where the focus has a positive, nonzero x coordinate. Which parabola(s) could Lauren be describing? Check all that apply.
x2 = 4y
x2 = –6y
y2 = x
y2 = 10x
y2 = –3x
y2 = 5x


  1. Parabolas could Lauren be describing are:
    c) y2 = x
    d) y2 = 10x
    F)  y2 = 5x

    What exactly is a parabolic curve?

    The intersection of a cone with a plane that is parallel to the side of the cone results in the formation of a parabola, which is a symmetrical open plane curve. Under the influence of gravity, the route taken by a projectile takes the form of a curve similar to this one.
    In the question that is presented to her, Lauren gives an example of a parabola that has a positive non-zero coordinate value on focus
    Generally, the equation for focus is  mathematically given as
    In conclusion
    • c) y2 = x
    • d) y2 = 10x
    • F)  y2 = 5x
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