Latesha buys some tennis balls at $1 each and rackets at $12 each for her PE class. She buys twice as many balls as rackets. She spends $92 in total, which includes $8 tax. Which equation would you use to find the number of rackets she buys


  1. Answer:
    The equation is:  2R + 12R = 84, where R is the number of rackets.
    6 Rackets and 12 balls.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Let B and R be the numbers of Tennis Balls and Rackets Latesha buys, respectively.
    We are told that B = 2R  [“She buys twice as many balls as rackets.”]
    The cost of balls and rackets would be the product of the items price times B and R, the number of each item.
    Balls = $1B
    Rackets = $12R
    Latesha spends $92, but $8 is tax.  She therefore spend (92 – 8) = $84 on the gear.
    Total Cost = $1B + $12R, which we know is $84
    This gives us:    1B + 12R = 84
    Since B = 2R, we can substitute:
    1B + 12R = 84
    2R + 12R = 84
    14R = 84
    R = 6
    If R=6 and B=2R,
    B = 12

  2. Answer:
    Actually, you would use the equation 12(x)+1(2x)+8=92 to find the number of rackets Latesha buys.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Let’s break down what we do know in this problem.
    First, we know that rackets cost $12 each.
    Second, we know that x represents the number of rackets.
    Third, we know that tennis balls cost $1 each, and that Latesha bought twice as many.
    Fourth, we know that the total includes an $8 tax.
    Fifth and finally, we know that we want the equation to equal $92 since this is the total.
    With these values in mind, we can form the equation that includes all of the information given. That being, 12(x)+1(2x)+8=92. 🙂


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