Last year at a certain high school, there were 100 boys on the honor roll and 50 girls on the honor roll. This year, the number of boys on the honor roll decreased by 8% and the number of girls on the honor roll decreased by 2%. By what percentage did the total number of students on the honor roll decrease? Round your answer to the nearest tenth (if necessary).


  1. Answer:
    Step-by-step explanation:
    given 100 boys and 50 girls
    total=150 kids
    8% of 100 is 8
    100-8= 92
    2% of 50 is 1 so 50-1= 49
    total kids left = 92+49= 141
    so if you divide 141/150 = 94% but this question asks how many they decrease so it will be 6%

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