Last week Gina’s art teacher mixed 9 pint of red paint with 6 pints of white paint to make pink. Gina mixed 4 pints of red paint with 3 pints of white paint to make pink.
a. Did Gina use the same ratio of red as her teacher? Explain
b. yesterday Gina again mixed red and white paint and made the same amount of paint but she used one more pint of red paint than she used last week. Predict how the new paint color will compare to the paint she mixed.


  1. Answer: No
    Step-by-step explanation:  in order to do the correct ratio she would have needed to add 4.5 pints to 3 pints because if you divide 9:6 by 2 it is 4.5:3 not 4:3

  2. answer: First mix: 4 pints red and 3 pints white = 7 pints in 4:3 ratio.
    Second mix: 5 pints red and 2 pints white = 7 pints in 5:2 ratio
    Second music is redder than first mix.


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