Last night, Lynn spent `3` hours on homework. She spent `1\frac{1}{6}`hours writing her English composition and `1\frac{3}{10}`hours working on her Math worksheets. With the remaining time, she worked on her Science project. How long did she spend on Science?


  1. The time, Lynn worked on her Science project is 1 8/15 hours.

    How to illustrate the fraction?

    A fraction is simply a piece of a whole. The number is represented mathematically as a quotient where the numerator and denominator are split. In a simple fraction, the numerator as well as the denominator are both integers.
    In this situation, she spent 1 1/6 hours writing her English composition and 3/10 hours on her Maths homework.
    The time used for science will be:
    = 3 – ( 1 1/6 + 3/10)
    = 3 – (1 5/30 + 9/30)
    = 3 – 1 14/30
    = 1 8/15
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