Larisa earns $7 per hour.she worked 40 hours at the regular rate, 3 hours at time and half, and 6 hours at double time.


  1. Answer:
    $6.07/hr. if I understand the question properly.  See below.
    Step-by-step explanation:
    I don’t see the question, but will assume we want to find Larisa’s base pay.  The $7/hr given is the average for the work sequence noted in the problem.  If this is incorrect, ignore the answer.
    Let x be Larisa’s base salary.  We are told, I think, that in one stretch of time Larisa earned an average of $7/hour.  That was composed of:
    Hours  Rate($/hr)
      40           x
        3        1.5x
        6         2x
    Her total income over this period would be:
    40x +3(1.5x) + 6(2x)  [The hours worked times the pay rate for each period]
    Her average income per hour would be:
    (40x +3(1.5x) + 6(2x))/49
    which we are told is $7/hr.
    (40x +3(1.5x) + 6(2x))/49 = 7
    40x + 4.5x + 12x = 343
    56.5x = 343
    x = $6.07/hr


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