LaQuinta is in the French club with 25 other students. Three exchange
students will be attending her school from France. If the French teacher
chooses a student at random to guide each of the visiting students, what is
the probability that LaQuinta will NOT be picked as a guide?


  1. Answer: 23/26
    Step-by-step explanation:
    Let’s say we have 3 spots, one for each of the three exchange students. It doesn’t matter who goes with who, we’re just going to choose people.
    If LaQuinta is NOT one of the people chosen, then there are 25 possible people left to become tour guides. We will need to choose 3 of them, so there are (25 choose 3) = 2,300 ways.
    With no restrictions, there are 26 people to choose from and 3 spots to fill. Therefore there are (26 choose 3) = 2,600 ways to fill these 3 spots with no restrictions.
    The total probability is 2,300/2,600, which simplifies to 23/26.


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