Ken can run m miles at a
pace of 6.30 minutes per
mile. He ran slower for 10
minutes to warm up.
Write an equation that
represents the total time,
t, Ken spent running.


  1. Equation that represents the total time t (in minutes) Ken spent running is = 10 + m/6.30.
    In mathematics, an equation is a formula that expresses the equality of two expressions, by connecting them with the equals sign = The word equation and its cognates in other languages may have subtly different meanings; for example, in French an équation is defined as containing one or more variables, while in English, any well-formed formula consisting of two expressions related with an equals sign is an equation
    How to solve such time related questions?
    The key concept for solving such questions is the relationship between speed, distance and time.
    The relationship between them is Distance = Speed x Time
    Total time t (in minutes) =Initial Time + distance/speed
    Given :-
    • Distance = m
    • Speed = 6.30 miles per hour
    • Initial Time = 10 min
    t = 10 + m/6.30.
    Learn more about Distance here :


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