Kayla wants to plant a garden that contains only tomatoes and squash. She only has enough space to plant 40 vegetables, and she only has $80 to spend. Tomatoes cost $1 per plant and squash costs $3 a plant. Let t represent tomatoes and s represent squash. Write a system of equations for the question above. How many tomatoes and how many squash can Kayla plant?


  1. Solving a system of equations, we see that she can plant 20 tomatoes and 20 squashes.

    How many tomatoes and how many squash can Kayla plant?

    Let’s define the variables:
    • t = number of tomatoes.
    • s = number of squaches.
    The space is enough for 40 plants, then:
    t + s = 40
    And we know that she has a total of $80 to spend (we assume that she spends it all)
    t*$1 + s*$3 = $80
    Then our system of equations:
    t + s = 40
    t*$1 + s*$3 = $80
    To solve this, we can isolate one of the variables in the first equation, for e xample if we isolate t, we get:
    t = 40  – s
    Now we can replace that in the other equation:
    (40 – s)*$1 + s*$3 = $80
    Now we can solve that for s:
    $40 – s*$1 + s*$3 = $80
    s*$2 = $40
    s = $40/$2 = 20
    Then she will buy 20 units of squash, and the other 20 plants will be tomatoes.
    If you want to learn more about systems of equations:


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